Estate Planning

Careful estate planning makes sure that the wealth that you worked hard to build over your lifetime is distributed according to your wishes after you pass away.

By planning efficiently you can achieve peace of mind by helping to secure your family’s future financial security.

Estate planning includes the successful:

  • preparation of a Will
  • appointment of an Executor
  • establishment of a Power of Attorney (if required)
  • establishment of a Discretionary Trust (if required)

Why a Will is essential

A Will sets out your intentions and ensures that they are followed. If you don’t have a Will the court will appoint an administrator to settle and distribute your estate. This process is lengthy and provides no guarantee that your specific wishes will be followed or that your dependants will receive what you may have intended.

Your Will should be reviewed if you:

  • marry, separate or divorce, or start a new relationship
  • have a child or grandchild
  • experience significant changes to the value or structure of your assets
  • start a new business or change your current business structure
  • experience a change in your residency status or the status of any of your intended beneficiaries
  • retire from full-time employment

For more information on the best way to manage your affairs, contact a Schroeder Capital adviser.

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